Robotic movements and heavey stomping
Published on February 19, 2005 By Thomas Thomassen In Internet
I'm doing BA (Hons) Modelmaking for Design and Media. We just got a project called "Villains lair". What it is, is that we have to take an existing hero and create a villain for him. I have desided that I'll go for "The Iron Giant". It's an animation film where everything is made the traditional way except the Iron Giant it self that is created digitally in 3D andrendered 2D. I'm going with the same approach for my robotic villain. However, I want to create a short 1-3 min animation to demostrate the character. And I'd really like to add some sound to it. I'm looking for some discreet 'whrriiir' sounds, for the moving part and some heavy stomping. (It's 60 feet tall...) And the occasional other random ambient mechanical sound.
I've been looking for websites with soundbanks, but most of them has been rubbish. I would prefer free, but I would be liable to pay if they are good enough. Does anyone have any idea of where I get hold of quality sound effects?

on Feb 19, 2005
I haven't found one that's complete. You just find bits and pieces at different sites. If no one comes up with a good one, something you might give a try is this place Link . My daughter and I use it to records words or sounds and then morph them to what we want them to sound like. Spooked my wife the first time she closed a window and heard my daughter yell 'nooooooo!'.

Any small electric motor, like one from a small rc car can make the sound. If you can get hold of a power box for an electric train set (the ones that let you manage power/speed of train) you can manipulate the speed of the motor for the sound you are looking for.
on Feb 21, 2005

Check that out to see if any of that helps
on Feb 21, 2005
Cool link, thanks WS.

on Feb 21, 2005
Yep, NP
on Feb 21, 2005
Hey thanks for that. I actually came across this earlier, but I didn't look at it properly. I'm having a deeper look now.
on Feb 21, 2005
google wave sounds