Microsoft has released a beta of "Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar". It's made for web developers who would like to inspect the DOM tree of their website in IE and other useful features.

I've just played around with so see what's there. The DOM inspector is similar to the one in Firefox. And it got features similar to the Web Developer extension for Firefox. In addition it got an interesting feature I haven't seen before; a ruler. it lets you measure distances. The ruler can also snap to elements. Quite neat when you need to get the dimension of anything without guessing.

It's a really nice tool for webdevelopers so you can get on the inside of what's going on with your website in IE.

on Sep 27, 2005
Sweet! They had announced that at the PDC and I was looking forward to playing with it. Thanks for the link!
on Sep 27, 2005
It works nice with IE7.