There's a movie clip posted over at Channel 9. It's a 157MB download 42 minutes long interview with some of the people over at Microsoft that's working on the gadget craze. All thought at times it's annoyingly filled with unfunny jokes and comments, sidetracking a otherwise interesting intervju. If you got some time, and bandwidth to spare I'd recommend watching this as it gives you an insight on Microsofts take on gadgets.
They even mention Stardock in the list of companies involved with gadgets, but not first on the list. Another thing I noted was that when the demoed the Media Player gadget SkinsFactory they didn't mention them but instead said that it was a gadget they had created.

on Oct 25, 2005
Interesting. I might give this a look this weekend.

Thanks for the post.
on Oct 25, 2005
Actually, the video has been up for about a week now. I reported it on another website.
They (It was Sean Alexander)actually mentioned several companies and went so far as to call Stardock a friend!

They said that the Media Player Gadget was a combined work between them and another company!

Just thought I point out the facts.
Other than that, keep up the good work!
on Oct 26, 2005
About who's done what... the icons for the Skins Factory / Alienware suite called Redskins are made by Everaldo ( TSF is not mentioning this...