Published on December 16, 2005 By Thomas Thomassen In WinCustomize News
I found a couple of very nice treats visiting one my my favorite customization sites: Virtual Plastic. If you haven't wondered the magic forests of Virtual Plastic yet then I strongly recommend you set some time now. (Quite a bit actually because time seem to fly when you are there.)

This one is really a treat. It gives you some cool effects as you click on icon in the explorer shell. Describing it doesn't to justice. Just download it, run it and love it. Unfortunately there is only two effects to choose between and the plugin system require you to know C++ so I wouldn't expect a big increase in effects. But I'm loving my iZoom at the moment and I am content.
Also, the same people also make a dock application. I didn't try it out as it doesn't have features such as docklets, tabbed docks and task/systray dock. But it might be worth having a look at if you only want a simple dock that just do shortcuts.

This little app puts your minimzed windows as icons on your desktop. If you like you can have the minimized windows removed from the taskbar, clearing up some space. It has hotkeys to bring the icons ontop and back again so you don't have to find the desktop again to locate the windows.
NOTE: this app have some issues with WB and ObjectDock. It does work though, but it can stop working. That happened to me. After I installed it it worked fine, but then I changed the thumbnail settings and the application stopped working. Even after reboot. I tried this on two systems running WB5 and ObjectDock and on both the app stopped working when I changed the thumbnail settings. I'm not sure if this will occur if you do not have WB and OD. So be WARNED, the current version (Build 1.0.34 (Public Beta 2)) will break if you change the thumbnails settings when you run WB5 and OD. You might want to play around with the program with it's default settings first if you plan to fiddle with the settings.

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