What going on?
Published on March 9, 2007 By thomassen In Personal Computing
Whenever a legacy app needs to disable the Aero feature in Vista my screen become very slow. I can actually see things being rendered. I can only compare it to when I had XP and default graphics drivers where installed.

Is anyone else experiencing that? I don't experience that on my old computer which got an ATI card installed.

Got Forceware 100.65 installed btw and the graphicscard is an XFX Geforce 6800 GT.
on Mar 13, 2007
on Mar 17, 2007

This happens with all machines which have WDDM drivers (I.e. can run aero).

Basically WDDM drivers do not have 2D Hardware acceleration support.  So it is all being done by your cpu unlike on XP where the graphics card did it.

on May 18, 2007
But... that's a step back. How silly. And annoying. You MUST have Aero running to get a smooth GUI with all the bells and whistles, or have nothing at all.
on May 18, 2007
this is one reason that I will not switch to VISTA