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February 15, 2007 by thomassen
Could this cat be the next Mozart?
December 15, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I just completed a project where I made a short architectual flythrough. However the file is 200Mb and I would like to upload it to the internet for people do download. I will recompile the animation though in another format as I know I should be able to get it down to around 10MB. However, it got me into looking for some place that might offer free storage of larger files. Is there any that provide such an service that would fit my needs for free?
September 27, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
Microsoft has released a beta of "Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar". It's made for web developers who would like to inspect the DOM tree of their website in IE and other useful features.

I've just played around with so see what's there. The DOM inspector is similar to the one in Firefox. And it got features similar to the Web Developer extension for Firefox. In addition it got an interesting feature I haven't seen before; a ruler. it lets you measure distances. The ruler can also snap to ...
September 3, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
IEBlog just a couple of new entires regarding CSS and IE.

One is some info about IE7's CSS2.1 support: Link

The other one refer to an MSDN article that explains the 'hasLayout' effect. Link Before the only resources of 'hasLayout' and how the IE render engine works has been by people outside the IE team trying to guess what's going on. Now there's a proper resources from within MS. Well worth a read for webdevelopers.
August 6, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I've been thinking quite a bit on the state of HTML the last couple of days and I've come to change some of my thinking. Anyone who's made a website that plays nice with the various browsers out there knows the messy state of HTML. It's for no reason that we got the term "tagsoup". Many webdevelopers have been crying to Microsoft begging them to update their render engine in Internet Explorer to conform with the W3C recommended standards. However, as we all are painfully aware of, no such thing...
February 19, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I'm doing BA (Hons) Modelmaking for Design and Media. We just got a project called "Villains lair". What it is, is that we have to take an existing hero and create a villain for him. I have desided that I'll go for "The Iron Giant". It's an animation film where everything is made the traditional way except the Iron Giant it self that is created digitally in 3D andrendered 2D. I'm going with the same approach for my robotic villain. However, I want to create a short 1-3 min animation to demostra...