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April 9, 2007 by thomassen
Came gross this little app that let you take screenshot of windows and include the shadow around them on Vista systems.
It got a couple of other interesting features as well.
March 31, 2007 by thomassen
Just noticed an user comment on slashdot about computer AI:

Well, one of the greatest experiences (And still is), AI wise, is Stardocks XXXX-type space strategy game, Galactic Civilizations 2 []. I especially like, when on easier levels, you do something, and the AI race sends a message "It seems that you are making a massive buildup for war. However, with this difficulty level, I pretend not no notice it until you actua...
September 10, 2006 by thomassen
I just moved house and got a new internet provider. Before I had a Bulldog and everything was fine. But I'm now with Tiscali and it's unlimited broadband got and fair usage policy that restricts us from heavey download during peak hours. (I looked quite long for anyone who didn't have such restriction, but found none. And my new housemates didn't like Bulldog as they require you to sign up for their phone service as well) So what I'm looking for now is a download manager which I can schedule...
May 8, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
WLM8 just updated itself here on my computer. I like the new look of it. I'm not sure what's new in this update though. When I clicked the "What's new" button I didn't get much info.
I keep getting messages saying I got invites for this beta program so if anyone want to give it a go just let me know.
March 16, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
Slashdot linked to a interesting blog about a concept application for managing documents. Pretty interesting videos.
Nice to see more and more people are trying to find new and better ways to handle our digital information.
October 4, 2015 by thomassen
I'm experiencing similar issue as this user as SU:


Many (most) of my icons in the start menu display the standard empty file icon:



When I click on All Apps there are empty file icons like that all over the place.

My Windows 10 installation is an update over Windows 8.

The SketchUp icon you see is from an application I installed after updating to Windows 10.


I ...
March 6, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
I came across this article about how Vista handles the graphics differently from previous versions of Windows. What I found most interesting is the offscreen composition of windows and how it will, *knock wood* get rid of these strage artifacts when an application turn unresponsive. And it also indicated that there's some very nifty stuff that can be done with this. *nudge Stardock*
January 17, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
In Firefox 1.5 under the Tools menu, one of the items is "Read Mail". However, mine says "Read Mail (3 New)". I click it and it opens Thunderbird which is my email client, but there is no new email there. Does anyone know why Firefox just randomly claim I got new email?
September 26, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I don't really want too many toolbars in my browser. Don't want to clutter it up. However, I just installed Googles toolbar for Firefox yesterday and it's pretty neat. What really got me excited was the spell checking feature. I've just tried it posting another post and it works like a charm. Since I use google so much to search, and I search a lot, I think I actually will keep this toolbar.
July 5, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I use Firefox as my main browser and therefor set IE's startup to I was just about to check something in IE and just so happend to notice that the Windows Update screen had changed ever so slightly, and that the adressbar was

I did a quick google to see if I could get any info of what's changed, but with no real luck.

(So I suppose there wasn't much useful info her, but I'm one of them people who go "Oh ...
June 27, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I plan to use DesktopX for my final major project. However I would like to hear from you lot out there of what you think of DesktopX's performance with different hardware. I'll be building a mini computer for the project and to save money, space and power I'd like to use the built-in graphicscard. The thing is that I haven't used a build-in graphicscard for ages. I've allways relied on separate cards from either ATI or nVidia. How is the general state of graphics card these days?

If you...
April 25, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
He told me not to...
April 25, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I'm quite busy right now. so it'll just be copy and paste, but I thought this might interest some: (From SlashDot)

Landreth writes "There is currently an ongoing petition taking place at OS2 World to get IBM to open source either the whole part or parts of OS/2 to the community. I would highly encourage the Linux community to take part of this open source petition as well due to the fact there are lots of interesting code base the they could benefit from. To sign the petition: http://www.os2...
April 1, 2007 by thomassen
Came across this page with a few interesting UI design elements. I particulary liked the fisheye menu.
Not sure how "innovative" the drag and drop is though. It's been around for a long time.

Does people have link other similar things?
March 9, 2007 by thomassen
Whenever a legacy app needs to disable the Aero feature in Vista my screen become very slow. I can actually see things being rendered. I can only compare it to when I had XP and default graphics drivers where installed.

Is anyone else experiencing that? I don't experience that on my old computer which got an ATI card installed.

Got Forceware 100.65 installed btw and the graphicscard is an XFX Geforce 6800 GT.