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May 8, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
WLM8 just updated itself here on my computer. I like the new look of it. I'm not sure what's new in this update though. When I clicked the "What's new" button I didn't get much info.
I keep getting messages saying I got invites for this beta program so if anyone want to give it a go just let me know.
March 16, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
Slashdot linked to a interesting blog about a concept application for managing documents. Pretty interesting videos.
Nice to see more and more people are trying to find new and better ways to handle our digital information.
March 6, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
I came across this article about how Vista handles the graphics differently from previous versions of Windows. What I found most interesting is the offscreen composition of windows and how it will, *knock wood* get rid of these strage artifacts when an application turn unresponsive. And it also indicated that there's some very nifty stuff that can be done with this. *nudge Stardock*
March 1, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
Now, the real question is: will we be able to customize it?

I expect we'll have to look at Stardock for the answer of that question. Doubt MS will let us do that naively.
March 1, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
This article talks about the changes that's under the hood.
IMO it's these changes that's the important part about Vista. It seem many people make up their mind of what they can see from the screenshots.
February 14, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
I'm updating my Matrix screensaver. However I have run into an issue which I don't know how to resolver.
Basicly what happends is: If the screensaver start up with no transparancy it works fine.
However, if you have set it to be transpararent it will run for about two seconds and then it'll stop updating. However, if you change the transparancy level after that by pressing any of the numberpad keys it starts working fine again. It's a very odd bug which I can't for the love of sanity work out...
January 17, 2006 by Thomas Thomassen
In Firefox 1.5 under the Tools menu, one of the items is "Read Mail". However, mine says "Read Mail (3 New)". I click it and it opens Thunderbird which is my email client, but there is no new email there. Does anyone know why Firefox just randomly claim I got new email?
December 16, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I found a couple of very nice treats visiting one my my favorite customization sites: Virtual Plastic. If you haven't wondered the magic forests of Virtual Plastic yet then I strongly recommend you set some time now. (Quite a bit actually because time seem to fly when you are there.)

This one is really a treat. It gives you some cool effects as you click on icon in the explorer shell. Describing it doesn't to justice. Just download it, run it and love it. Unfortunately there is onl...
December 16, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
Last night I went to bed after working on a report that is being handed in tomorrow. Since I had to do a couple of minor tweaks I left my document open so I could get started on it quickly when I got up the next morning. However, when I turned on my monitor this morning I found myself looking at the Windows Logon screen. Powercut I though and hoped I had saved the last changes I had done to the document. When I logon to Windows a little green shield icon appear in my system tray and a ballontoo...
December 15, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I just completed a project where I made a short architectual flythrough. However the file is 200Mb and I would like to upload it to the internet for people do download. I will recompile the animation though in another format as I know I should be able to get it down to around 10MB. However, it got me into looking for some place that might offer free storage of larger files. Is there any that provide such an service that would fit my needs for free?
October 24, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
There's a movie clip posted over at Channel 9. It's a 157MB download 42 minutes long interview with some of the people over at Microsoft that's working on the gadget craze. All thought at times it's annoyingly filled with unfunny jokes and comments, sidetracking a otherwise interesting intervju. If you got some time, and bandwidth to spare I'd recommend watching this as it gives you an insight on Microsofts take on gadgets.
They even mention Stardock in the list of companies involved with gadg...
September 28, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I came across a game the other day. Quite simplistic. Like the games from the early 90's. But I found ti way too addictive. You end up wanting to dig deeper and deeper. Find more surprises. I've managed to dig down to 5500ft, but I usually can't stay for long because of all of them pesky gas pockets...

I actually just bought the Goldium version. That should keep me busy until nest Tuesday.
September 27, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
Microsoft has released a beta of "Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar". It's made for web developers who would like to inspect the DOM tree of their website in IE and other useful features.

I've just played around with so see what's there. The DOM inspector is similar to the one in Firefox. And it got features similar to the Web Developer extension for Firefox. In addition it got an interesting feature I haven't seen before; a ruler. it lets you measure distances. The ruler can also snap to ...
September 26, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
I don't really want too many toolbars in my browser. Don't want to clutter it up. However, I just installed Googles toolbar for Firefox yesterday and it's pretty neat. What really got me excited was the spell checking feature. I've just tried it posting another post and it works like a charm. Since I use google so much to search, and I search a lot, I think I actually will keep this toolbar.
September 3, 2005 by Thomas Thomassen
IEBlog just a couple of new entires regarding CSS and IE.

One is some info about IE7's CSS2.1 support: Link

The other one refer to an MSDN article that explains the 'hasLayout' effect. Link Before the only resources of 'hasLayout' and how the IE render engine works has been by people outside the IE team trying to guess what's going on. Now there's a proper resources from within MS. Well worth a read for webdevelopers.